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You may not register multiple accounts for the same person. You may register multiple serial number and access key pairs to the same account (and across all versions of PSO), so there is no good reason to have multiple accounts.

If you do register multiple accounts, the server administration reserves the right to delete any and all of them and/or ban you from the server permanently. Please do not make us do that, as it means that we have less time to devote to making the server better for everyone.

If you run into troubles registering an account, please contact the server administration on the Discord or on the forums and we will help you through the process. Please let us know the username you attempted to register as well as the date/time (including timezone) and any other relevant information that might help us identify the problem.

E-mail addresses from the following providers are not allowed due to broken configurations on their servers. This is not a problem with Sylverant, but rather with these email providers.

  • (Outlook)

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